Pearl Fractional

Pearl Fractional’s deep ablation and controlled thermal zone delivers maximum single-treatment results with superior patient comfort and minimal downtime.

  • Indicated for moderate to severe photoaging.
  • The 2790 nm wavelength (YSGG) controls thermal damage to maximize ablation while maintaining thermal stimulation and coagulation.
  • Controlled thermal zone minimizes risk of PIH and other complications.
  • Single treatment results are possible because our large 300 micron spot size ablates enough tissue in one pass.
  • Wound healing causes increased fibroblast activity and long term collagen deposition resulting in improvement in the appearance of wrinkles. Improvement is realized over six month period.
  • A recent comparative study to other fractional devices demonstrated that Pearl Fractional was a more comfortable patient experience; further, the treatment is possible with only topical anesthetics and/or local nerve blocks.

Immediate post-treatment histology* – 160 mJ

  • Deep ablation: user-selectable up to >1 mm
  • Coagulation on the edges (~40 µm) provides hemostatis
  • Balance of ablation and coagulation optimizes tissue removal to safely improve or eliminate photoaging and other dermal imperfections



Day 4 histology – 160 mJ

  • Rapid healing and recovery due to epidermal migration from healthy tissue
  • Consolidation of coagulated zone
  • Full re-epithelialization is demonstrated by day four