Viktoria Déann

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Viktoria Déann Cosmeceuticals formulates bio-active peptides to provide new anti-aging treatments for true transformations. Peptides work in harmony with the body to regenerate cellular communication. Cellular communication is proven to be a key component in healthy, ageless, and beautiful skin.

Peptides are the body’s messengers to cells. They relay information for initiation of processes such as repair and remodeling. Each pepti-serum contains a unique peptide designed to lift, tone, or tighten depending on the slected product. The ability to target the client’s specific skin care needs, on a cellular level, allows the professional to create customized treatments and home protocols.

What are clients Experiencing?

Tests performed on 44 women with an average age of 57.5:

  • 91% Lifted healthier skin

  • 85% Reduction in lines and wrinkles

  • 80% Improved skin texture

  • 64% Increased skin smoothness

  • 70% Improved skin tone

  • 65% Reduction in hyper-pigmentation